Sahit Anand is a writer, photographer and an amateur film maker. Sahit also had second thoughts about writing about himself in first person. But decided to do it anyway. He works as a creative supervisor at Bates Chi & Temple.
  • My first ever Mini-Documentary. More of a massive learning experience than anything :-) But proud of it, nonetheless.

  • Embassy Office parks has a food court. The food court has food. It also has Wi-fi. People like food, people like free internet. Ergo, these posters.

  • A poster describing Wipro’s philosophy. A bit too long to post it as one image.

  • Love, they say is the strongest of all experiences. For it has the ability to completely impair you with pleasure. It makes you stronger yet so vulnerable, it makes you blind and leaves you speechless, it makes you more than you were ever capable of before - to endure pain, anxiety and suffering. But most of all, it makes a life worthwhile. They say it is impossible to explain love to someone who has never experienced it - the madness of it all. Here’s our attempt in expressing the feeling of love through these very talented contemporary dancers.

  • They say, when you’re in love, it shows. When Punah Concepts wanted to shoot two bikes that they had passionately worked on for months, It sure was a lot of pressure to do them justice. Thankfully, on the day of the shoot, everything came together. From the light to the ride. Two bikes from before I was born, now re-born thanks to Punah Concepts.

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  • I love non-sense. I love experiments. Here’s a short video that combines my love of both.

  • Spontaneity (I had to google the spelling of that word), they say, is what keeps life interesting. So when five friends decided to ditch a new year’s party and head for Coorg, it’s guaranteed to make for an interesting memory. 

  • Wipro’s Advanced technology division comes up with some of the coolest ways to use the most cutting-edge technology that’s around.

    The problem was that most people at Wipro itself didn’t know about this division and all the things they were doing. These set of posters (also converted to mailers and ads) were done to educate and to get them excited.

  • At Wipro, the Financial Services Business Unit needed a campaign that could break the clutter a bit but not stray away from the conventional message that they had originally.

    These ads were done in the effort to showcase some exciting solutions that Wipro had to offer to financial services companies around the world.

  • So Reva, one of my favourite clients, was getting all this attention from all corners of the industry. An ad was required to sort of bring attention to all this attention. The above became it.

  • We pitched for the TVS homes account. Sadly, it was a no-ball. From the insight that, people in Chennai trusted TVS enough that their word is their bond. Three ads that, we hoped, would convey that when we give our word, we will go to any lengths to keep it.

  • Five print ads, Part of a larger pitch for TVS homes, located in Chennai.